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Vacation: Okanagan

I went on a week vacation into the Okanagan to my uncle's cabin. He is very generous and lets people stay there to book it up. More the merrier. I love that he does that. For one thing I have been able to go there twice now. It is so scenic and wonderful. We drove there 12 hours straight. This was a mistake.

 Day 1 was recovering from the drive. For me this meant the pain of the FM flare up. I ached from the neck down and areas that I had no idea why they would even hurt. To add insult to injury I had a massive IBS flare. In the bathroom, out, back in, out and... back in. But that did settle down that day. And the pain slowly eased the next day. So day one was Recovery. Plus I had a wicked migraines. So a day of rest after travel is always a good idea. Due to my migraine I could not indulge in alcoholic beverages but everyone got settled in and had themselves some liquid warmth. We chatted and had BBQ.

Day 2 I was still feeling the FM pain but it was just lingering and annoying but not nearly as painful. Digestive system and IBS flare flared again but was getting back to normal. Migraines were severe for the week, with random triptan induced breaks in there. One good day all on its own is the day I drank me some wine. You manage the migraine as best you can when on holidays. Take the edge off and do what you can. I was really dopey and nauseated for them, but I managed and triptans gave me a little break in there

Things I did do?
  • Relaxed
  • Chatted
  • Had a fire
  • Watched some movies
  • Played some crib and lost horrifically
  • Went to a winery called ‘See ya later’ and sampled their white wine and bought a bottle. Which I indulged in on my good night I had there. Apparently I can have about one large glass and that is all to get me ‘happy’. Don’t have much of an alcohol tolerance.

  • Went to a great ice cream place and had some awesome ice cream
  • Went back to the ice cream place about bought some fudge. Mmmm
  • And read a good book
My spouse did some fishing and went out on the kayak quite often. And we took scenic routes on our drives to the winery and the ice-cream place.

 Here is the thing about vacations. I would have been in migraine hell anyway. More actually. Because I would have been working. So this is a vacation from the intensity of pain from working with a migraine. From putting on a ‘facade’ and smiling through the pain. From having to ‘function’ through the pain. And going to a place I find soothing, relaxing and beautiful. Where I can be with people I enjoy and do things I like, where they can do things they like and we can all have BBQ and chill. Yeah, the pain comes along for the ride… but as I said it was going to be there anyway. Might as well have a break from the work aspect and choose a wonderful environment and the people you are with and relax. You do have to pace yourself, moderate you activities and stay within your limits of course. Which is why I am pretty mellow on vacations. Choose a Thing to do a day, and the rest is casual depending on mood and energy. At the cabin though it is all really dependent on mood and energy. Am I in the mood for a road trip for fudge? Or to read my book? Maybe watch a scary movie? Chillaxin vacation. Just what a need from all the
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