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Found me a troll today on my page

96% of all chronic illness is invisible(4).jpg
I always wonder why people who discriminate against disabled people seek out groups like that one Facebook to spit their hate. Seek it out. Can't keep their vile to themselves. However, they do distress people. I find them particularly funny and easy to rile up. But they need to be rid of quickly because they will and do start to insult people and that is uncalled for. No one deserves a personal attack from some random hateful little prat. Anyway, I will use him as a prime example of some stigma we still face because clearly it is still quite alive.
He said on an image that said 'Pain doesn't go away, you just make room for it'...Get off your phat ass an live with it, just like everyone else!
On an article about depression... There you have it, it's psychological. Now go see a good therapist and get back to work, you shirking POS.
On an image that said 'My pain is invisible but I am not': cry me an 'effin river you whiney douchebag.
On image that said 'stuck between Hell and Hope.' : You want to know what hell is? It's listening to you vapid brainless bloggers run on about your "pain" and every little ache you have. Don't eat like a pig, eat healthily, do some freakin' exercises, and then get a job and pay back this country for all the down-time you've gotten and sucking off the workmen's compensation, SSI and SSDI funding. Parasites!
I responded to that last one: Illness comes to us all. You'll figure it out someday. And when that day comes no one will pity you. Not to mention you have no idea what we do for our health; we actually have quite a few things including diet, exercise, physio and more we have to do ,minimum, in addition to medications. Only a moron thinks chronically ill do nothing to maintain and improve their health. The fact you came here to say that makes me think you are a very sad, little, pathetic man.

Fact is he is in an unintelligent way showing us some of the rampant stigma out there. 
a) We have unhealthy lifestyles and that is why we are sick- This particular troll is implying we are fat and eat unhealthy. Maybe he is thinking of someone in particular. Some people are close to underweight due to chronic illness. I know I certainly am on the lower end. If people only understood the healthy diets we undertake to improve our health. I mean Damn some of us eat so well it puts damn near every single person to shame. But a diet is not a cure. We do gain weight and we lose weight due to illness. Weight gain is common because literally 99% of medications cause weight gain. Some, quite a lot. Some diseases cause weight gain. 
b) We are lazy and just do not want to work: This is a cruel stigma. If people only comprehended how much guilt we have over not working. How much we Want financial stability and a career. I mean who the hell wouldn't choose financial stability and a career? Really? I mean REALLY. Who in their right mind say 'Hey I'd like to struggle financially forever because that sounds fun.'
c) That we do nothing about it... as in exercise, or anything else to improve our health.: When you think of all the things you do for your health this one is truly amusing. Exercise is brought up All the time, often by people who are couch potatoes to people with chronic illness that do have to exercises as part of their treatment. The irony. Nevertheless we do a lot of our health and so very much of that is out of pocket. Near empty pockets at that. And we are constantly told it isn't enough. If we Only did More to cure ourselves.
These are actually very common stigmas in the world. Moronic. But common. The Vitriol these trolls have though is rather odd, eh? What does it matter to them that someone is too chronically ill to work? Does it wound them in any way? Prevent them from living their lives? No. And why does seeing someone struggle fill them with such hate? Are they afraid it will happen to them... because perfect health doesn't last forever. Such is life, my friends. I should tell them to suck it up. Don't hate that which you fear becoming. 
Sadly, social media is not the only place for such people. Just the easiest. Just the easiest to block them and snicker at their idiocy. But we have to deal with people with such opinions in real life. In our jobs, families, medical professionals, insurance companies... pretty much anywhere you can find these and more stigmas crop up. 
Stop implying I ma weak and that you will never suffer illness. Illness comes to us all..png

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