Relentless nausea #MigraineImpact

When I was younger I would get severe nausea with my migraines. I would throw up until I couldn't throw up anymore. It was pretty severe to the point they put me on a triptan (abortive med) that dissolved in the mouth rather than a pill because the pill never lasted in my stomach long enough to work.
That symptom seemed to diminish for some time into periodic nausea and vomiting. To which I was grateful, but was replaced with bouts of diarrhea which I was Not grateful. Had to hit somewhere digestive wise apparently. No winning.
Then about a year and a half ago the nausea returned. And it didn't go away. At all. Ever. Constant relentless nausea. Some vomiting, but I loath this so mostly gagging and trying to prevent myself from tossing my cookies and sometimes losing. But nausea so severe I had no appetite and had a hard time eating. And lost thirty pounds. I was put on zofran 4 mgs. Then 8 mgs. And I eat it like candy. But it doesn't do much to be honest. Migraine nausea when migraines are daily is a brutal affair.
There are other things to try:
  • peppermint tea
  • ginger tea, pills, just ginger
  • motion sickness pills
  • sipping water, tea
  • blander than bland meals... the odor you see gets to us.
Basically I do all of the above and my zofran and barely manage it. Thus the weight loss. I mean food is so not appealing to me now. Keeping it down is a struggle. But I eat a little and immediately regret that choice. It is a necessity, but not a joy at this point.
I don't think people truly get how horrible migraine related nausea can truly be. I am currently trying to get on leave from work but at work I would throw up three times a day... and I am not the sort of person that does that and looks fine after. I cry when I get sick. And get all blotchy red. It isn't pretty. Not to mention I want to brush my teeth and can't. Then spend the rest of the time trying desperately Not to be sick with that constant rolling sensation, dizzy spells and vertigo. When you are driving sometimes you have to pull over to be sick. Sometimes if you are lucky you make it home just in time to get sick. Yay! Sometimes when you wake up mid migraine you are so sick you do the throw up and can't stop deal and don't make it into work on time... or get the throwing up and diarrhea deal and definitely don't make it into work. That is a migraine hellish combo that can make you drained, dizzy and shaky so you need to take electrolytes or you'll just pass right out.
I want to enjoy food again so bad. I want to just enjoy what I eat again. I want an appetite. I have cake in the fridge right now but the nausea is very intense today and no way can I tolerate sugar. But I want to enjoy some cake.
Just one symptom can cause such havoc. I have been drinking Ensure to get some actual nutrition into me. One of many symptoms. 

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