What I do well: Hermiting

Breathe in the good shitthatmakesmyday.png
I used this image because it is a great mantra to get some stress out and I have been stressed. I also have been in a substantial amount of pain due to FM flaring and daily migraines. 
And I am in Hermit Mode. 
It happens when I am in a lot of pain and also depressed. I sort of just hermit. And I hermit well. It is difficult to leave the house when that involves increasing my pain. When it involves exposing my sensitized senses to sensory overload. 
Friends invite me out and I pass. I was working recently and that was my excuse to be honest. Too much pain to go out and have to work the next day. Need to get the pain down so I can hopefully get some sleep to manage the pain the next day. So I kept declining. I went recently because I felt obliged to a friend who moved here recently... and I was so nauseated. I tried to have fun but felt so fake doing it. I had dulled the pain with a triptan but that gave me a 2 hour window before it returned. I did have fun in that window, just felt horrible and wasn't myself. I would have preferred to skip it. 
It isn't bad to hermit a bit. Sometimes it can help get a grip on the depression. Sometimes depression just needs some alone time and a plan. A plan I don't have but will. 
Sometimes the pain is a bit much and hermiting is the best way to get a grip on it with a new angle on how to cope with it. Because we can't get rid of it. It is going to be there day after day. We just need to cope with it. 
But you can never get into it too much. Give it a week or two. Then force yourself out to run an errand. Start going for a short walk at twilight if you are sun adverse as me. Go for coffee with a friend. Force yourself to get out and about. Because too much hermitting leads to isolation and can make depression worse. God knows, depression makes it easy to fall into for sure. 

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