Day 11 HAWMC: Top 10 bloggers

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Top 10 blogs

It took some time to find my favorites. It seems some of my favorites are gone. Just Gone. Some have stopped blogging. If I see no post since 2013 you are not blogging. But there are some definite tried and true favorites that have not gone anywhere in migraine awareness and Fibromyalgia Awareness. A few of my new finds as well. But definitely some of my go-to blogs.
I picked 5 fibro blogs and 5 migraine blogs.

  1. The Princess In The Tower: One of my all time favorite blogs that I highly recommend people check out. As a FM blog it will surpass all expectations. The articles on coping and management are truly beneficial. Top FM blog for reading and benefit to the reader.
  2. Cranky Fibro Girl: I have always loved her style and attitude.
  3. FibroFiles: My top FM blog out there for information purposes. You want to know about FM research and what is out there, that is the blog.
  4. Counting my Spoons: A great blog and FM blogger who always has useful posts and cares about her fellow bloggers, and also the founder of Chronic Illness Bloggers which I belong to.
  5. Chronicles of Fibromyalgia: Has been around some time. She won the Healthline award like me fir best FM bloggers. And her blog shows it.
  6. The Daily Migraine- Always have great posts and memes as well. Excellent presentation at all times and great articles and blog posts.
  7. migraineDiva: I love Jamie and she runs a great migraine blog, always worth checking out
  8. The Daily Headache: Is an informative and well put together blog by a great migraine advocate.
  9. Pink Dandelion Wishes: I like this blog although it is fairly new it seems, or definitely new to me. It seems to have potential. It is a migraine blog.
  10. My migraine life : Is a great blog I check out that I came across a few years back.

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