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Day 12 HAWMC: Worst and best

Time to get real.Write a letter to the best or worst healthcare professional you’ve seen. Don't hold back.

Let's do some ER experiences. Just for fun. I had two resent ER trips and one was quite bad and one was excellent. So a letter to each:

Dear Dr. Douche Nozzle:

You were the worst doctor I have seen in many years. I went in to see you because I was having chest pains. Chest pains that when I lay down at night my heart rate went erratic and it was difficult to breath, sort of lost my breath, on my left side. It concerned me. I knew the cause. I had been diagnosed with inflammation around the sack around my heart. But had been told it would recover in a few weeks and it was well over due. And had been told to come back if it was getting worse. I wasn't sure if this was 'worse' but it was quite concerning. So in I came.

What did you do? You read my chart. I assume you saw I had depression. Because you ran no tests. You ran over me when I spoke. You asked no questions. And you told Me flat out I had Anxiety. I have never had anxiety a day in my life, at that point. I had no idea what anxiety felt like, but I assume it entailed some sort of actual anxiety. Not a sense of calmness in which one is in when falling asleep. To presume one has anxiety when you didn't even Listen to a word I Said, or even listen to the fact I Knew already what the problem Was... is rather idiotic on your part, isn't it? Then to proscribe that person a medication? When you have no idea if they have anxiety? Foolish. Damn foolish. I tossed it by the way. I wasn't about to take Ativan when I didn't need it and had no idea what reaction it would have on an already erratic heart rate. Thankfully my heart issue did clear up on its own some time later, without further follow-up... at a different hospital. But it could have ended quite a bit worse had it gotten worse, or so I am told. So thank you for your complete lack of effort and assumptions about my mental health. Thank you for once again proving beyond a doubt mental health stigma is alive and well in the medical community and affects the care we get if we have a mental illness. Bravo, Douche Nozzle for being the worst ER doctor I have seen in some time.

Dear Dr. Awesome Sauce.

I came in with a status migraine I could not break. It was very serious. I was nauseated and couldn't sleep. I had been vomiting. I was sleep deprived. Vertigo was kicking in. It was a killer migraine and I was on day 5 or so of it. I just couldn't handle the pain and needed some sleep. I was wary of coming in because rarely does anything work and often I leave in pain without the status migraine treated. But I hoped.

I get back there and you said to me the first round of treatment is a toradol shot. I explained I cannot take NSAIDs due to a reaction I had to Toradol causing bleeding ulcers, and apparently developed a permanent sensitivity to aspirin and NSAIDs. And YOU, Dr. Awesome Sauce, did not give me that Look. The Look that says 'ah right, sure, you are just drug seeking'. You said it happens a lot after bleeding ulcers. You said his second approach is morphine and asked if I had had it before. I said no. You said he would hook that up and a drip of gravol, because it can make you sick to your stomach, and a saline to hydrate you.

I was not treated like a drug addict, but as a pain patient. And it worked. Pain simmered down to a 4. More once I left. I was migraine free the rest of the night. I was amazed. And so happy I had broken that cycle of pain. So thank you DR. Awesome Sauce for treating my pain without stigma. Thank you for treating my pain. Thank you for only letting me leave until I said, yes, this pain is good now. You clearly care about your patients.
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