Day 13 HAWMC: Hermitting and writing

What's the best thing that happened to you this week? Maybe you got great news or maybe ice cream was on sale - write about it and relive it!

This is actually hard to say. Sort of like my gratitude exercise I do every day and I sort of struggle to find an answer because, well, depression sort of skews my reality. However, it has been a bad pain week and I have been rather hermitting big time. Yes, it is a word. It is when you are feeling particularly unwell and begin to self-isolate... hermitting. I have not been capable of much of anything. I have meant to run errands and been unable to. Meant to do housework and been unable to. 

What can you really say about a week like that? A month like that? It has been a rough pain period of time lately.

I can say I have been having fun doing one of my favorite pain distractions in November since it is NaNoWriMo or National Novel Writing month, a time when writers aim to write 50, 000 words, a novel, in one month. As well as participating in this blogging event and I have been writing a great deal this month. I enjoy fiction writing though and it has been a useful distraction from the pain levels I have been experiencing. 

I have to admit I have been hermitting too much lately. When the pain gets too high or the FM pain combined with the migraine pain too much, my inclination is to hermit. Self-isolating is never good. However, when I leave the house and it really amps up my pain that is never good. Somehow you have to find a way to do these things that are actually good for your well-being. Like socializing with the real world in small ways like those little errands or just going for coffee with family or friends. I know this. So hermitting not good. Trying to manage high pain, difficult at the best of times. Finding a balance, also difficult.

So my week has been unsuccessful in finding much of a balance with the pain and accomplishments of any sort. So I have been focusing on pain distractions and meditation. Writing is such a great distraction for me. And NaNo in particular a great event, where you get together with people all over the world online to do this. So 'socializing' online, yes, I have been doing that. As we share our goals. Congratulate each other on achieving targets. Motivate each other to get to targets. Toss around ideas for each other and brain storm. So it has been a creative week of interacting with other creative people.

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