Day 16 HAWMC: Advice to activists

Wisdom Wednesday: What advice do you have for health activists just starting out? Share your words of wisdom for all the health activist rookies out there!
Just starting out. Well first thing is pick your platforms you want to use to go with your blog. Too many is never a good idea. For example for my blog I auto-post to Facebook and Facebook auto-tweets to Twitter. And then I post 3 articles and 3 images to my Facebook account and manage my Twitter. That is sufficient. I do auto-post to G+ but rarely manage it. So choose what you like best. Instagram? Facebook? Pinterest, mind you if you do content creation for your blog and Facebook Pinterest is a friend.
When it comes to posting my best advice is fourfold: 1) Tell your story in the most honest way possible and to the best of your ability in every post you make. 2) for some posts send a specific message. Design a post like '8 ways chronic illness ____' or '10 ways migraines ____' because those posts are concise and readers do like them. 3) do not fear a good rant post because you need to express that rant as much as other Relate to it and others need to Read it. 4) always source your research

Remember your story is important. Your experiences are important. And your words could make someone else feel less isolated. Could bring other together. Can answer questions people have. Share vital information. You could be the inspiration they need at that very moment. 
Also remember that there is a great community of activists out there. A great community of bloggers as well. Get connected with them. Exchange posts. Share insights. Join groups where they brainstorm ideas and campaigns. Participate in campaigns to raise awareness. You will find a lot of support and great resources from others.
So my Blogger Tip for is use images always. For visuals here is an article I wrote Graphic design sites to check out

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