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Day 2 HAWMC: The process

Every great writer has their own process! What's the blogging process look like for you? Do you set aside time each week to write or do you wait until the inspiration hits? Do you finish a post in one night or use the week to perfect it? Do you edit your blogs or just hit publish? Whatever it is you do, it’s unique to you and we want to learn about it.
If you were ever curious about my process then I am here to tell you what it is like for me as a blogger and even as a writer to be honest.

I do not set aside time each week, that would be way too practical and organized. I am sort of an inspiration person but I get inspired easily enough... at a specific time of day. In the day time I am a zombie who has not yet fed on its quota of brains. And thinking is not my thing at that time. But at night I am alert and also the pain gets pretty bad. And I am an insomniac. So insomnia and pain... need distractions. But being a night owl my brain is at is peek for inspiration so my main distraction is writing of any sort. Fiction, poetry or blogging. 

It is definitely a post a night deal. There are a few posts that take more time to work on than one sitting but most of them I have the time I need to get them done at that one burn of inspiration. It really depends on what amount of research is needed and whether I could dig it up in a decent amount of time.

Now generally since I am writing in the middle of the night I scan what I have written and hit publish. Then later go there is a typo! Crapstick! And then change that. Mostly because while I am just brimming with inspiration in the middle of the night I am also brimming with pain, so it isn't so great with the whole catching errors sort of deal. My cup doeth overfloweth with pain not brain. So typo brain is an issue. Because brain fog and aphasia are issues.

My cup doeth overflowth with pain not brain(2).png
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