Day 20 HAWMC Journey

What has been the highlight of your health activist journey? We want to hear all about it, perhaps a conference, a podcast or meeting a fellow HA. What made this experience so special?
I have not met any other activists in real life. I do not travel well or have expendable money.
I will say a migraine activist by the name of Teri Robert (Putting Our Heads Together) inspired me a great deal. Back in the day when there was little information out there, little support groups... not much of anything she was the resource of information of migraines. I had been researching on my own for Fibromyalgia at the time. But I needed to know more about migraines because they were becoming a Problem.
I learned from researching on her site that one cannot take too many OTC meds or Triptans without rebounding. Something I was never told. I was simply told to take them when I had a migraine. So I knew going forward, as the frequency was increasing to watch that. I learned what a status migraine was and that I needed to go to the ER for it... sadly the ER never knows what they are or how to treat them, but that is another problem altogether.
I learned the types of migraines I had. I learned the symptoms that are often not even mentioned. I learned about all the bad information out there.
I became an informed patient because of her.
And I began to actively share the information I was learning on my blog. More and more as the years went on. And eventually started a blog just for migraine information: Migraineur mutterings and musings.

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