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Day 23 HAWMC Not real?


Say WHAT?! What’s the most ridiculous thing you’ve heard about health or your condition. Was there any context? What did you think at the time you heard it – and what do you think of it now?

I've heard some pretty ludicrous things to be honest about migraines, depression and fibromyalgia. But I would say the worst one systemically is that fibromyalgia is not real... and it is a garbage diagnosis.

I once had a severe case of costochondritis with my fibromyalgia, which is the rib cage inflammation that causes chest pains. It was due to a summer job I had in university at the time. I was a baker and it required heavy lifting and repetitive movements. The pain started slowly as just sharp jabbing pain and got worse and worse, until it was all day and all night. I had this suffocating feeling and constriction. Nearly passed out on day after drinking, likely because That made it worse. Well, that landed me in the ER. Clearly it wasn't a hear thing but I had no idea what it Could be. I see the doctor and in a snide tone he says it isn't a heart attack. Really? You mean they don't last months? Moron. Anyway I say, yes I realize that, do you think it has something to do with my FM? He says he doesn't believe in FM. And then did no tests at all and sent me home. Because clearly I was exaggerating if I had an imaginary condition that HE didn't believe in. I had to go to my doctor three hours out of the way to conform it was in fact the chest wall pain and get the proper anti-inflammatory treatment.

Point is... he didn't believe in it. So he Didn't Treat me.

Or they don't believe in it... So it is all in your head... and they don't treat you.

These are dangerous and useless doctors.

They could choose to still be doctors and examine the patient and figure out what is going on, if not FM, then what? Just what? Like my costochondritis example. Yes people with FM get costochondritis easily and often and is lasts long periods of time. But you can also get it from a virus and lifting heavy things. So, logically, the moron should have looked at that. Easy enough to diagnose.

But when you completely ignore what a patient has and do not treat them. You are ignoring what they effing Do have. Those symptoms they do have. The pain they do have. The sleeping disorder. The cognitive issues. And the fatigue. And their comorbids like IBS and others. Why don't you treat them symptomatically then? Or why don't you try and find out what they DO have if you are so effing brilliant.

This notion by the way spreads. People start saying it is a fake disease. That it is isn't real. That it is all in our heads, as in crazy. That is where it hurts. because people are being told this crap from family members, random people, co-workers, friends and loved ones. How would you like it if a loved one said 'It is all in your head... if you were just more positive I am sure that would help.'?  Yes, people assume positivity is going to cure us all. Yes, it is amusing but not helpful in the least bit.

If these doctors had any brains at all they would take that patient and see if they could prove what is in fact wrong with them. If it isn't fibromyalgia. And if that patient got better he could then say some patients are indeed misdiagnosed. But DO something.

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