Day 5 HAWMC: Social media

Are you all about 180 characters or less? Do you enjoy shooting the perfect photo? Or perhaps love sharing posts on Facebook.What’s your favorite platform to get your voice heard and why?

Social media wise I would have to say that Facebook is my favorite platform.
I can:
  • Post my blog automatically to it
  • Post automatically to twitter
  • Hook my Pinterest to it
It makes a fine hub for social networking.

Not to mention the fact I post many articles and bloggers that I don't blog about myself which spreads a great deal of awareness through that way. A lot of research, coping articles and other bloggers viewpoints. I can get a massive amount of information out there. I generally post 3 articles a day.

Secondly I create a lot of content for Facebook. Image creation I also use for my blog, but images that are designed to make people think, to bring awareness, share information or share the experience of chronic illness. And it is an excellent way to share that information. I do 3 images a day.

Making Invisible Disabilities Visible is my main Page and linked to Brainless Blogger. It focuses on invisible disabilities, chronic illness and chronic pain.

Migraineuer Mutterings and Musings is my secondary page linked to Migrainuer Mutterings and Musings. It is all about migraines. It is quite new and I made it because I have a lot of migraine alone content I don't want to crowd my main blog. Not that I don't blog about that on Brainless Blogger but I tend to talk about chronic pain in general. And since that page focuses on invisible disabilities I don't want to have too many migraine related memes, so I made a separate page.

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