Day 7 HAWMC: Advocating

Was starting your advocacy journey a hard decision? Were you anxious and hesitant or were you excited and ready to share your story? Tell us how you chose to start advocating for your condition.


I was excited to share my story. I am a reserved person in the world, but blunt on paper. So I tell my story and am as blunt as I can be. I want to share my experience, struggles, and suffering to see how it really is. To me it was a matter of just being honest with people. There are people out there like me and I didn't want them to feel isolated. I wanted them to read me and say 'Me too' and 'that is so me' and not feel like they were the only ones suffering like that. 

I started advocating by writing more specifically. Choosing more carefully and in a guided fashion what I was going to write about. Covering research at times. Writing articles for other sites. Guest blogging for sites I liked their work. Recently for the Mighty. Publishing articles with various ezines. Working for a bit on a ezine with fibromyalgia information articles. Admining support groups and helping with content creation. I am came for everything and anything to help the community and to spread awareness. But yes I definitely worked a lot on my blog specifically and will continue to do so.

It was an easy decision and I will keep doing it because it is important to me. Those of us with chronic pain need a voice these days. Those with chronic illness need a voice as well. The more voices we get out there the better it will be for us all.


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