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Day 9 HAWMC: Perfect day

Happy Hump Day! No denying life can get hectic, but let’s take a mid - week break to fantasize our ideal day! Would you go somewhere? Who would you spend it with? Have you had this day? If not – how could you make it happen?
My ideal day would be in the Jasper National Park touring around, animal watching, hiking and going on the Skytam but at the end climbing up as far as I could go on Mt. Robson. Like I couldn't before. Here is the thing, perfect health, I love nature and being immersed in it. 

So yeah I had this perfect day with my spouse. But. I was in a Lot of pain. So we would drive to say, the disappearing lake, and go down to it, walk for about ten minutes and that would be it. Because it would hurt. And because I would have a migraine from the sun exposure. So we would be there for a week and do about one thing a day. And I'd be Beat. But we did do the skytram and we did go to the top and check out the view. And my spouse did climb higher and I waited below at the main part. Because I can't walk far or even slightly elevated inclines. Not even counted vertigo issues and mountains being an issue, the FM pain certainly Is.

Here are the shots I took from where I Was.

So my perfect day? I would check out some of those trails I have heard so much about with fantastic views. I am not capable of doing them but if I were I'd do it in a heartbeat. I can just imagine the sense of satisfaction of getting there and seeing that view laid out before you. Then I'd go up that mountain and I'd climb to the damn top of it and take in That view. I had such a strong desire to do it when I was there. This strong sense of desire and knowing I physically wasn't capable. Down where I was, as you can see were side trails to walk about to get pretty close to the edge so I did that instead.

But I get I can't do that. I mean just the migraines alone, being daily would prevent a day like That. And FM you need to pace. Which is what I do on holidays and I was still in a lot of pain on that trip, but it was worth it anyway. I always leave recovery days because holidays are, well, more painful. Just are. Just the drive time amps up the pain levels and that means to start your pain is quite a bit higher than normal. So pacing very important. Mellow is the way to go.

And there is nothing wrong at all with little ten to thirty minute jaunts at stops and long breaks. And knowing you can't do other things. You can still enjoy fantastic scenery. Fantastic wildlife. Spending that time with loved ones. So what I am saying is that I cannot have that perfect ideal activity, ie hiking, or the most spectacular view, but I can have what I actually desire which is being in nature and being with people I love. So as far as health compromises go, my ideal perfect day is still pretty perfect. But Ideally it is stretched into a perfect week so I have a lot of down time, rest periods and able to pace but still able to see the sites and tour around.

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