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Christmas and health-related gift


So for Christmas I got a Migraine! Wait, that is actually the gift that keeps giving all year round. Today, at least, it was a late day migraine so I was pretty free for visiting with my mom, step-father, brother and his girlfriend. And that is good. Any break in the day counts. It is just really unpleasant right at this moment.

And I will say this I got a lot of cool health-related gifts this year which is pretty cool. Things that are going to be quite useful to me and are also very thoughtful.
  • Space heater- I have hypothyroidism and apparently No temperature control. So often I get cold and it is not cold in the house. I wear hoodies. I wrap myself in a heated blanket (last years Christmas present by the way) and I also wear winter fuzzy socks (which I got this year for Christmas as well). But I am always freezing. So my spouse got me a space heater I can bring to any room I am in, mostly the computer room, and just heat that space. It is awesome and what a grand idea.
  • Himalayan salt lamp-  Okay these are suggested for a lot of things but what I am interested in is air quality, allergies, and asthma. And it has been suggested they are good for those specific things. Here is a wee article about that. I actually think they do benefit in this way. I have a wee one for the computer room and it seems to help me in there. I have no idea if they have any other benefits to be honest but, hey, they are aesthetically pleasing with a soft, migraine friendly light so you really cannot go wrong on them. The one I have is red, which is a rather soft light. You just have to make sure you do not get a fake one and also have one that heats up.
  • Magic bag- This is actually a Canadian company so I will explain what it is. On the site, it says "Magic Bags are thermotherapeutic compresses that help with healing and maintaining good health and well-being. 100% natural, it is approved by Health Canada as a medical device. They contain high quality oat grains that have been given a special treatment." They are essentially a heating pad. But they can be used for heat and cold, and are all natural. I use cold for my neck and migraines. My spouse prefers heat for his knees. The package we got for a gift comes with 2; one large one and a smaller one. They are seriously awesome.
  • Pure magnesium oil- Magnesium is beneficial for migraines and fibromyalgia and the oil is actually a great way to get the magnesium. Like Epsom salts. In fact, you can actually add the oil to the bath as well. A way that works if you have issues with digesting it, which I rather do. Not to mention apparently magnesium is a little hard to absorb anyway.
  • The book Hallucinations by Oliver Sacks- which is something I got as a Secret Santa gift. Not really health related per sa, but with migraines with aura, it is a very interesting topic I like to explore. At times I wonder, is it my eyes or my brain. For example, I have visual snow, which was recently found to be neurological; it is hypermetabolism in the right lingual gyrus. But some auras one wonders. I have one where I move my arm and I see about twenty arms after it all in a translucent blue color. Aura? Eyes? Visual snow? Some are obvious, such as vortexes in the sky or arches of scintillations. So far the book is fascinating. TED talk by Oliver Sacks.

So I did well on the health-related gift side of things. And just in general. I think I did fairly well picking out gifts, even though I never have had much of a knack for it. Some people excel at gift giving and some people, like me, are pretty mediocre at it. It is like I have the perfect idea middle of the year and always when I am broke and when it comes to buying have no clue what that awesome idea was. I would write it down but I also have a knack for losing lists. And forgetting to write things down. Anyway, I thought I did decently this year and my spouse helped out as well, which likely helped. It is the thought that counts. I was pretty broke this year so I had to get creative. And seek out some deals. It would have been Better on the Stress side of things had I been approved for my sick leave from work. That would have been rather nice. I do not enjoy the stress at all. I find it amazing how stress makes my usually crappy sleep so erratic it is completely undependable. 2 hours? Sure. Why not? Who needs sleep.

It would have been Better on the Stress side of things had I been approved for my sick leave from work. That would have been rather nice. I do not enjoy the stress at all. I find it amazing how stress makes my usually crappy sleep so erratic it is completely undependable. 2 hours? Sure. Why not? Who needs sleep. I think that is how I managed to get sick while not even going Anywhere, except the doctor's office. Stress, not fun business.

I read this article about suicide and the holidays. I will start by saying Christmas is my favorite holiday. And I will add that apparently, the social and happy aspects of the holiday lower the risk of suicide in others. So in many people, this time of year is a mood boosting affair. You get to see family and friends. You are thinking of family and friends while shopping for them... even if money is tight... anything counts. You get together for a meal and a visit. You are bombarded with happy, sappy movies and happy, sentimental music. The whole affair is a mood boost. And of course, no one wants to commit suicide on the holidays, due to the impact it would have on others. So they found everywhere statistically it was lower, aside from two countries; Australia and Mexico where it was slightly higher. And the day that is highest... is New Years and shortly after. Because... that vast year lying ahead where all those same troubles lay in wait. It seems momentous. Too much to bear. So then it raises significantly. But the idea that the holidays make it worse is actually false, it actually goes down during the Christmas holiday. Maybe that is why I like the feeling of Christmas so much. Maybe it always gave me a happy mood boost after a horrible work year. I don't know. But it was interesting.

I needed the mood boost, is what I am really saying. When I get stressed about things I cannot control I tend to get depressed. And maybe that is what is causing my immense fatigue as well. And promised myself I wouldn't think on anything stressful for the whole holiday break. Not any stray though would I allow to linger. I just need it to be a good relaxing holiday. 

So be like me. Chill with a good book. Drink some nog or Cocoa. Relax and watch movies or play video games and chill.
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