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High pain and mood drops

It can't rain forever.png
The correlation between high pain and mood lows is pretty obvious in me. I didn't need to do a statistical analysis and chart it out. It was Every time my Pain is High, like 9 high, my mood drops like -9. (Scale of 10 not 100 or 1000. Just to be clear on that).

I have talked about Paingry when intense pain makes us irritated and angry.
Well, it can also take a mood quite low. When we realize we have nothing that can lower it. No medication that can help. No medication that did help. And we just have to ride the pain out. But it is Intense. 

So I say things like 'It can't rain all the time' and 'this too shall pass like a kidney stone'... because I know it won't last. Nor will the horrible low mood.
But in the Moment. Well. In the moment, the pain feels so much worse because of that depressed mood. All-consuming. And your brain reminds you, always, how the pain will never really end. This pain will, but the PAIN will not, Ever, End. My brain is very dramatic like that. Being gullible I am all yeah, you're right I will always be in pain. No matter what, when this particular pain is over, there is another to follow and another and another. The Neverending story of pain. And I get more depressed by it. How can I handle a future like that? When I barely survived my past with it? 

At this point, you go Stop. STFU. Sometimes I say it out loud. Shut the fuck up, brain.

But put a stop to the thought for they will take the slippery slope down into a pit of despair. So don't allow that. Stop the process. Distract yourself. Turn on some tunes that make you happy. Not angry, depressing ones. The turns that you listen to in a good mood or even a mellow mood.

Now that you have the ambiance in the right mood setting. Write down three things you are grateful for. Write down three things you achieved today. Can be small, minute, but you did them. Like I got out of bed despite the pain. I put away the dishes. That sort of things. Write down three goals you have for tomorrow.

Now that you have thought about some positive things. You can meditate for 20 minutes. I recommend a body scan meditation. 

After that when you are calm, either go to bed. Or do an activity that is relaxing like reading. It is keeping you from thinking. Keeping you occupied and will relax you for sleep.

The mood will be there lingering. But you have taken away its power by not paying explicit attention to it.

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