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And all the ‘give a damns’ were all gone

Look! I found a jar a stuffed it full of all the 'give a damns' the government has for people with chronic pain..png
Chronic pain is actually a massive issue. I don’t think anyone can say otherwise. My body certainly agrees with this statement. The numbers concur.
It is also a complicated, poorly understood, problem. I have seen a lot of recent research and it is fascinating but, clearly, a long way to go. But getting somewhere for sure.

So then comes the opiate epidemic. And the government gives a damn alright. About addiction. I could get right into how a lot of people addicted don’t even come from prescription drugs or that people in chronic pain account for a wee teeny fraction of people addicted to opiates… but I will say more along the lines of this: there was some give a damns out to give and none were given to people with chronic pain. That those to suffer the consequences of the opiate epidemic were the ones suffering quite enough already.
But mostly I just wanted to say:
  1. We can all agree there is a problem with things like Fentanyl. Drugs like that are killing people. Fact. Something needs to be done. Fact.
  2. We can all agree chronic pain patients deserve their pain to be treated. That untreated pain can lead to suicide. Leads to being unable to function, which leads to being unable to work. Fact.
  3. What seems to be missed is that by solving 1 they are screwing with 2. They change the guidelines on opiates and make doctors fearful to prescribe them. Decrease or eliminate patients prescriptions. AND have Nothing to replace it with.
  4. We call all agree it makes no sense to take away pain treatment and not have a replacement treatment. To not have a serious plan on how to have specific pain management that is effective for every single patient affected by such changes. Every. Single. One.
So, yeah, I say they didn’t have any give a damns about us chronic pain patients at all when they willy nilly mess around and intimidated doctors and changed restrictions. Because without comprehensive, affordable and effective pain managements strategies in place to replace their existing ones they have screwed many patients.

And I am not even counting the ones in severe, massive, amounts of pain that literally need opiates to survive. Those ones should not be messed with. Their treatment helps them survive a hell people cannot comprehend.

So we have this extremely complicated pain problem in millions of people that deserve proper pain management. Who is going to give it to them now? Who gives a damn? Because their doctor won’t provide them opiates but does he have the comprehensive knowledge to provide anything else? Are pain clinics going to give 150% to each patient to try and achieve a strategy for each one to manage their pain sufficiently so they can work, so they can exist, so they can just manage their day to day lives? So they can have some semblance of a quality of life?

Or… is it enough that they are not addicts?

This is coming from someone who does just suffer mind you. I have chronic migraines so no opiates for me. So I deal with the chronic migraines, EDS and fibromyalgia pain. Much like I deal with the resulting depression. Much like I have personal knowledge pain alone is a suicide risk factor. No, I just have friends in the pain community that I don’t want to have to suffer more than me. I take what I suffer and I magnify it because I know they have conditions worse than my own… and I know, I wouldn’t want to exist like that. I hear of the suicides already. I hear of the despair. The loss of hope. I have to say, I would have done it differently were I in charge. I would have given a damn about the ones who are suffering and need pain management. And I certainly wouldn’t have ignored them. They should have had their voices heard.

And if you think I am talking about the States, I am not. Their madness spread to Canada. Now we all suffer the consequences.
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