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The chest pain dilemma


I am getting chest pains again that concern me. They don't always concern me. Because with Fibromyalgia Costochondritis is common. Not to mention, I get chest pains sometimes from a triptan side effect, along with heart irregularities. So it doesn't always alarm me.

 I tend to measure it based on the worst chest pains I ever had. This incident I had when I was younger and before I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism. My heart beat had been going extremely erratic. I mean, so extreme I was afraid to move for fear it would just crap out on me. Then on
I tend to measure it based on the worst chest pains I ever had. This incident I had when I was younger and before I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism. My heart beat had been going extremely erratic. I mean, so extreme I was afraid to move for fear it would just crap out on me. Then on day, the worst chest pains ever on the left side, to the sternum, up my shoulder and my back. Crushing my chest. I had to lay back. I could feel my heart doing something funny. I waited it out. Likely should have called 911, but I was depressed at the time and ambivalent to my wellbeing. After the pain passed, my heart fluttered rapidly and a rush of blood flow ran through my body and I got one hell of a headache. I am not sure I can even adequately describe the experience. But looking back, it seemed like a heart attack. Maybe it was.

So I compare all chest pains to that. Even the angina I had to the triptan Imitrex... not nearly as bad. So I had not gone in for that right away, either.

This however, I did go in for. I went in and the ER doctor said to me it was anxiety. He said this without doing any tests. At all. Without listening to me. At all. Gave me a script for ativan. Which I threw out, because I actually don't have anxiety. I have not gone back since then.

Yet, periodically it keeps coming back. It is concerning because it is chest pains, yes, but it is shortness of breath and dizziness. So I have the chest pains, which I don't really consider to be that severe, so I don't do anything about them. Then waves of dizziness assail me with shortness of breath. If I get up and move about, when I rest again, I have palpitations for a bit, then back to the shortness of breath and dizziness. Generally, my heart flutters during that.

Seems to only really happen when I lie down. So I can't go to sleep. The chest pains wake me up. The dizziness jerks me awake. I end up getting up, concerned. It improves when I am upright, just some mild chest pains then. Sometimes it happens upright. Just these dizzy spells with a fluttering heart.
I don't think it is a heart attack. Although, it is hard to say with some of the symptoms being so ambiguous in women. I mean sometimes my stomach will hurt as well. To the point I though heartburn?

So it happened last night. I tried sleeping for as long as I could. This repetitive dizziness assaulted me. And as I started to fall asleep jerked awake feeling like I wasn't breathing and my head spinning. Jerked awake a second time with a sharp stabbing pain in the chest. Had the pain stayed that high, I might have gone to the ER.

I am paranoid of going to the ER for it now. I don't want to go unless it IS something. Nothing like some douche discriminatory doctor making me feel like I have to be SURE it is an arrhythmia or heart attack before I seek help. Such that I am waiting to see HOW BAD it gets. By my measuring stick, it has to be quite bad for me to consider it a heart attack. I want it to get that bad, at this point, so I can figure out what the hell it is.

All is not lost though. I go to my doctor on Monday. I had mentioned this a while back. We briefly talked about a take home heart monitor. We might have to have that discussion again. Just t
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