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Confession Part two: Chronic illness

I wrote a post called Confessions of a person with Chronic Pain. This is the follow up. Confessions of people with chronic illness. I'm getting some fellow bloggers to chip in.
  1. Confession: I eat nausea medication like candy just so I can function.- mini2z
  2. Confession: I want to starve myself. Food causes me pain, nausea, and limits my activities. I just don't have the willpower. Life's a Polyp
  3. Confession: When the symptoms of my illness flare up I retreat into my own little world of Self Care & preservation. I spend the day (or days)in bed, conserving energy and pampering my tired body. Once I feel that my body is in a "safe, comforting" space I retreat and slip into denial (or distraction- whatever you want to call it) by reading silly trashy magazines or watching bad reality tv shows. It reminds me that there is a humorous side to life... (as I watch hours of keeping up with the Kardashians). It also fights against the anxiety of my current physical condition.The Invisible Warrior
  4. Confession: I have faced death twice, once quickly and once slowly. The first time I didn't believe that I would die. The second time I begged whoever was out there to let me live, as I was afraid to die. If I were to face death a third time however, I might just embrace it. A Chronic Voice
  5. Confession: While I try to remain positive, I sometimes find it almost impossible. Due to sensory overload and my mental health, I will throw full on temper tantrums (falling to the floor and bawling) and start screaming "I don't want to manage this life anymore." Sometimes, it'll take me hours to recover from that. Luckily, my husband knows a few ways to help me through the temper tantrums... but it's super embarrassing to still throw full on temper tantrums at age 27. Finding Life's Silver Sun
  6. Confession: I sometimes wonder what it would be like if I only had one chronic illness to manage. In reality, I know that many many people live with multiple chronic illnesses, but it doesn't make it any less frustrating on a day to day basis! Zebra Writes
  7. Confession: I have ambition and desires to work but when I do I fail to be productive from the pain, fatigue and cognitive issues and eventually the depression makes me feel even worse. Trying and failing over the years has battered my self-worth to near nill.
  8. Confession: The relentless nausea and lack of appetite make me just not enjoy or want to eat. I worry I am starving because I don't seem to eat enough, but I can't tolerate food.
  9. Confession: There are times I try everything I can to maintain my health and other times I get so very tired of trying and just... stop for a bit. Because I am so fatigued.
  10. Confession: Sometimes I just want to be left alone. I don't want to face the world. I just want to hide from everything. And maybe all my problems will fix themselves while I just hide for a while.
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