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2017-04-29 23.31.15
I am using my Oska Pulse regularly and getting some consistent results with it. Because it has been so beneficial to me it is really something I recommend for chronic pain. In particular, fibromyalgia. The massive amount of difference it has made in my capacity to exercise is phenomenal. I can exercise without the intense pain, and therefore, exercise more. But that is just one benefit; just one that quite astonished me. It is reducing my overall pain levels and decreasing the intensity in my migraines. I am back to work and my migraines are getting worse as a result, but they are substantially better than they would be. The worth of the Oska Pulse to me, in pain value, is immense. I have never encountered a product that I would recommend more for pain management and I have tried more than a few in my day.

If you would like to buy the Oska Pulse then just go to the link and use the product code BRAIN for 5% of from the Brainless Blogger!

Things to know:
  • You don't feel anything when using the Oska Pulse- so you don't know it is working until it is working. But you do know it is on, because it has a light, as you can see in my picture.
  • With chronic pain, such as me and many of you, it takes some continuous use like 5-7 times a day or more for a few months to see results. It took around two months at 7-9 times a day to see the benefits to exercise. Three months to see the benefit to overall body pain. And just now starting to see decreases in intensity to migraines. The longer you have been in pain the slower the result can be. I have been in pain since I was a kid and chronic migraines for 20 years. That is a lot of pain to counter-act over time. So my results came in increments and some were not even noticeable until I did something... like exercise and had no intense pain from it. Migraines were something I have Noticed, but hard to put a pattern to it but the longer I get 'good pain days' the more I am noticing a pretty darn good pattern. Not to mention some actual migraine free days, which is insane for me. Just doesn't happen, but then it does!

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